High k Gate Dielectrics for Transistors

High k gate dielectrics are required for the sub-65 nm MOS structure because the conventional SiO2 film is too thin (e.g. 2 nm) to minimize the tunneling current and the out diffusion of boron from the gate. A thick layer can be used with the high k material to lower the parasitic capacitance. Many issues have to be solved before it is acceptable for the products. In general, there are three types of high k dielectrics:

1.     those with 4 < k < 10 such as SiNx;

2.     those with 10 < k < 100 such as Ta2O5, Al2O3, ZrO2, and HfO2; and

3.     those with 100 < k such as PZT.

The type 2 dielectric film has been routinely used in transistors, such as TFTs. A thick layer is used to prevent the top-to-bottom metal shortage, which is a killing factor for the yield. The high k dielectric material is usually used in combination with a high quality dielectric interface layer to lower the interface density of states. For example, in the a-Si:H TFT case, the N-rich SiNx is exclusively used as the interface layer. Examples on TFTs with the dual gate dielectric structure (e.g. SiNx/TaOx and two different types of SiNx/SiNx) are shown as follows.

We are researching on new type of high k dielectric materials using elements throughout the whole Periodical Table. The goals are to find new high k thin films that have enhanced dielectric constants and low leakage currents. We are also working on high-k based new devices, such as the nonvolatile memories where nanocrystals are embedded in the dielectric layer. .


Nanocrystals Embedded High-k for Nonvolatile Memories (see Nonvolatile Memories for more information)

-  nc-ITO Embedded Zr-doped HfO2




A. Birge, C.-H. Lin, and Y. Kuo, “Memory Functions of Nanocrystalline Indium Tin Oxide

Embedded Zirconium-Doped Hafnium Oxide MOS Capacitors,” JES 154(10) H887 (2007)


-  nc-ZnO Embedded Zr-doped HfO2



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Hafnium Oxide Thin Films,” ECST 11(4), 509-518 (2007).



-  nc-Si Embedded Zr-doped HfO2



J. Lu, Y. Kuo, J. Yan, and C.-H. Lin, “Nanocrystalline Silicon Embedded Zirconium-Doped Hafnium Oxide High-k Memory Device,” JJAP 45(34) L901 (2006).


-  nc-RuOx Embedded Zr-doped HfO2 and RuZrHfO



C.-H. Lin, Y. Kuo, and J. Lu, “Influence of Ru Dopant on the Dielectric Properties of Zr-doped HfO2 High-k Thin Film,  ECST 6(1) 121 (2007).



-  nc-RuOx Embedded Zr-doped HfO2 Reliability

                      TiN/ ZrHfOx/RuOx/ZrHfOx/p-Si




R. Wan, C.-H. Lin, Y. Kuo, and Way Kuo, “Charge Trapping of Ultra-thin ZrHfOx/RuOx/ZrHfOx High-k Stacks,”
IIRW 2007.


Doping of TaOx and HfO2 films


-   Sub 1 nm EOT Zr-doped HfO2




J. Yan, Y. Kuo, and J. Lu,  Zirconium-Doped Hafnium Oxide High-k Dielectrics with Subnanometer Equivalent Oxide Thickness by Reactive Sputtering,” ESL 10(7), H199 (2007).



-   Effects on bulk material properties


- Suppression of crystal formation



JES Letters (Accepted to appear in 2004)



suppress crystallization

XRD Patterns of TaOx (a) undoped, (b) Al-doped, (c) Si-doped, (d) Ti-doped films, 700°C, 10 Minutes



-   Effects on interface layers 


- Interface formation problems and improvement



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interface TEM

(Courtesy of B. Foran of SEMATECH)



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- Interface modification by inserted 5Å TaNx


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Ta at TaN interface

ESCA of Ta chemical states of the deposited TaNx interface layer after 700ºC 10 min O2 annealing.


Kuo, Lu and Tewg, JJAP 42, L769, 2003


-   Effects on electric properties 


        - Increase of k value

Kuo, Lu and Tewg, JJAP 42, L769, 2003.

Measured k as a Function of the Dopant Zr Co-Sputtering Power


Zr-dope TaOx k value


AVS ICMI Meeting, 02/13/02.


k vs. Film Thickness

700°C 10 min annealed


TaO-Ti-Al-SiY-Hf k


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        - Decrease of leakage current

Kuo, Lu and Tewg, JJAP 42, L769, 2003.



Leakage vs. Dopant Target Sputtering Power

600°C 60 min annealed

TaO-Ti-Al-SiY-Hf leakage current

AVS ICMI Meeting, 02/13/02.



J-E curves of the Zr-doped HfOx films, including pure HfOx.

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        - Enhance breakdown strength


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- Effects on charge trapping VFB, and ∆VFB

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-   Gate electrode effects     

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Gate Electrode Material and Annealing Effects on ALD HfO2



S. Chatterjee, Y. Kuo, J. Lu, Microelectron. Eng. (2007).


-   Reliability issues


-         SILC  

Applied voltage generates traps in the oxide, which act as coulombic scattering centers and as pathways for increased local leakage currents.


Figure 2: (a) Diagram illustrating log(1-[Qo(t)/Qo(0)]) as a function t for different CVS.

(b)The time dependence of the current density increase observed during constant voltage stressing @ -2.5 V of 800oC PMA MoN/5nmHfO2/Si MOS.

Chatterjee, Kuo, etc., “Effects of Post Metallization Annealing on the Electrical Reliability of Ultra-thin HfO2 Films with MoN and WN Gate Electrodes,” 2005 IRPS.


-    Time dependent current leakage




Figure 3: Breakdown phenomena of WN/HfO2 (5 nm)/Si MOS structures during CVS –2.5 V.

Chatterjee, Kuo, etc., 2005 IRPS


        -    Hysteresis disappear due to breakdown



W. Luo, et al., IEEE IRW 2.1.1, 2003



-    Humidity & Temperature Stresses


W. Luo, et al., IEEE IRW 2.1.1, 2003



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For more detailed information, please see the Publications List.

Graded Gate SiNx Gate Dielectric for a-Si:H TFT

Y. Kuo, JECS, 141(4), 1061, 1994.

Dual SiNx/TaOx gate dielectric for TFT

Y. Kuo, JECS, 139(4), 1199, 1992.

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