Solid State Incandescent Light Emitting Devices


Uniqueness of our research:

This is the first one-chip solid state LED that emits high quality white light under the stress of a voltage at room temperature. The light is emitted from a nm-thick amorphous metal oxide thin film stack on a p-type Si wafer. The film is deposited by sputtering. The embedding of a nocrystal layer can enhance the intensity of the emitted light.


Yue Kuo and Chi-Chou Lin, A Light Emitting Device Made from Thin Zirconium-doped Hafnium Oxide High-k Dielectric Film with or without an Embedded Nanocrystal Layer, Appl. Phys. Letts., 102(3), 031117 (2013).

This paper was selected as a Research Highlight by APL editors, 2012.


JVST B Januray/February 2014 Cover Page

Device Structure and Fabrication Process

       MOS Capacitors with ZrHfO and nc-ZnO embedded ZrHfO gate dielectrics

       Room temperature sputtered high-k thin films on a p-type Si wafer followed by RTA

Light emission from (a) a cluster of HfOx LEDs, and high magnification photos of

samples of (b) no PDA, (c) 600C PDA, and (d) 800C PDA process steps.

Solid-State Electronics 89 120 (2013).


Light Emitting at Room Temperature under -Vg Stress

       Bright light emitted from small dots eventually distributed on electrode

(a)          (b) (c)

       Wide spectrum of light covering visible and near IR wavelengths

Mechanism of Light Emitting

       Light Emitting from excitation of conductive paths formed after dielectric breakdown

Long Lifetime in air

       Conductive paths embedded in dielectric film

WO3LED > 1,300 hours lifetime

JVST B 32(1) 011208 (2014)





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