Thin Film Nano & Microelectronics Research Laboratory

The main interest of this laboratory is to study the thin film related microelectronic or opto-electronic devices. The ultimate goal is to correlate material properties to their process conditions and to the device characteristics. Materials involved in this laboratory are Si-based semiconductors (PECVD, a-Si:H, microcrystalline silicon, n+, and p+), dielectrics (Si-based, High k gate dielectrics, low k interlayer dielectric, metal oxides, etc.), and conductors (copper, aluminum, refractory metals, indium tin oxide ITO, etc.). Processes used for these studies are deposition (PECVD, sputtering, CVD, etc.), etching (RIE, wet, etc.), lithography, thermal annealing (RTP, furnace, plasma, etc.), and doping (plasma, etc.).

Currently, the following five areas are being actively researched in this laboratory:

1.     RIE of copper and RIE of ITO, a-Si:H, SiNx, metal, etc.,

2.     High k gate dielectrics for sub-100 nm MOS as well as other microelectronic devices such as TFTs, capacitors, and diodes,

3.     a-Si:H and polycrystalline silicon TFT technology,  

4.     Thin film deposition by Sputtering and PECVD, and 

5.     Biochips.

Photos of Laboratory and Equipment:

-         Analytical Equipment

-         Lithography Equipment

-         LPCVD-Thermal Annealing

-         PECVD Equipment

-         RIE Equipment

-         Rapid Thermal Annealing

-         Sputtering

-         Testers

Videos of the laboratory.

For more detailed information, please see the Publications List.

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