Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)

We are interested in understanding the plasma etching mechanism, which includes plasma phase chemistry, plasma-surface reactions, and surface reactions. We specialize in studying etch processes of non-conventional thin-film materials such as copper, indium tin oxide, metal oxides, a-Si:H, SiNx, and SiGex, for future generations of VLSI, TFT, and other microelectronics or opto-electronics. High temperature RIE is a powerful method that has the advantages of a simple reactor design and being easy to transfer to accommodate large substrates (e.g. 12" for VLSI and 1m x 1m for TFT LCDs). Some examples of recent results are shown as follows. For more detailed information, please see the Publications List.

Plasma-Based Copper Dry Etching Process

- the first world record of room temperature plasma etch process

RIE of TiW Cu Barrier and Selectivity to PECVD SiNx



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Selectivity RIE of PECVD n+ to intrinsic a-Si:H



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Selectivity RIE of PECVD n+ to SiNx

Y. Kuo and M. Crowder, JES 139(2), 548 (1992).


RIE of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

- Non-Additive Feed Gas Effect and Loading Factors

Y. Kuo, JES 145(12) 4313 (1998)

HBr Etched

HBr/CH4 (60%) Etched

Y. Kuo, ECS Plasma Processing Symp. Proc. XII, 1998.

Surface Reactions

Temperature Effect


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Modification of Patterned Photoresist

hydrogeantion of photoresist

Hydrogenated photoresist is more resistant to plasma etching

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Plasma Damages to TFTs and Repairment


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Bulk Damage                                           Surface Damage


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Profile Control

Etch Rate Ratio R

RIE Etched Sloped Molybdenum

Y. Kuo, et. al., J. Vac. Sci. Technology, A8(2), 1529, 1990.

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