a-Si:H TFT Nonvolatile Memories

We invented and studied the a-Si:H TFT based nonvolatile memories, which could be fabricated at low temperatures on various types of rigid and flexible substrates. This kind of device greatly expands the a-Si:H applications to new territories, such as low speed circuits, sensors, and flat panel displays.

Floating-Gate a-Si:H MIS Nonvolatile Memories

-         Device structures 

Fig. J-V curves for capacitors (a) without and (b) with a 9 nm embedded a-Si:H layer.
       Forward sweep Vg 20 to −20 V, backward sweep Vg −20 to 20 V.

H. Nominanda and Y. Kuo, ESL 10(8) H232 (2007).

-         Band structure


Y. Kuo and H. Nominanda, MRS 0989-A10-03 (2007)

-         Memory functions

H. Nominanda and Y. Kuo, ESL 10(8) H232 (2007).

Floating-Gate a-Si:H TFT Nonvolatile Memories

-         Memory functions



Y. Kuo and H. Nominanda, APL 89, 173503 (2006).

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-      Charge and discharge as functions of Vd



Y. Kuo and H. Nominanda, MRS 1066-A08-02 (2008).


-      Discharge by heating, negative Vg, and light exposure



Y. Kuo and H. Nominanda, J. Korean Phys. Soc. 54(1) 409 (2009).


-      Mechanisms of charging and discharging: C-V hysteresis direction related to gate dielectric structure and operation condition



Fig. Transfer characterisitcs hysteresis of a floating-gte a-Si:H TFT with a 150 nm channel-contact SiNx layer with Vg swept from (a) -30V to 30V to -30V, (b) -20V to 30V to -20V, and (c) -10V to 30V to -10V.


Y. Kuo, Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 13 (12), H460 (2010).



-      Mechanical bending effect on charge storage




Y. Kuo and M. Coan, AMFPD Proc. 259 (2009). 










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