Dr. Yue Kuo 

Fellow IEEE

Fellow Electrochemical Society (ECS)

Fellow American Vacuum Society (AVS)

Fellow Materials Research Society (MRS)

Distinguished Alumni Award, Chemical Engineering Department, National Taiwan University, 2020

Pan Wen Yuan Foundation Distinguished Research Award, 2019

Gordon E. Moore Medal, Electrochemical Society, 2015

Excellent Innovation Award, Texas A&M University System, 2014

Distinguished Research Achievement Award, TAMU Assoc. Former Students, 2012

Electronics and Photonics Division Award, Electrochemical Society, 2007

IBM Inventions and Technical Awards, 1988-1998



B.S. (1974) National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
M.S. (1978) Columbia University, NYC
Dr. Eng. Sci. (1979) Columbia University, NYC



Texas A&M University
MS 3122
Rm 235 Brown Engineering Building
College Station, TX 77845-3122


(979) 845-9807


(979) 458-8836


(979) 845-6446




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a-Si:H and Poly-Si TFT Books



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ECS Podcast Yue Kuo on Solid State Science (08/24/2015)



lightbulb  Continuous operation in air for > 18,000 hrs, still going on


Solid State Incandescent Light Emitting Device (SSI-LED)

– Warm White Light, Long Lifetime, Low Cost


Y. Kuo and C.-C. Lin, “A Light Emitting Device Made from Thin Zirconium-doped Hafnium Oxide High-k Dielectric Film with or without an Embedded Nanocrystal Layer,” Appl. Phys. Letts., 102(3), 031117 (2013).

A Research Highlight (APL, February 5, 2013). 





2019 ECST 7th ULSI vs. TFT   

2017 ECST 6th ULSI vs. TFT  

2015 ECST 5th ULSI vs. TFT

2013 ECST 4th ULSI vs. TFT

2011 ECST 3rd ULSI vs. TFT 

2009 ECST 2nd ULSI vs. TFT  

2007 ECST 1st ULSI vs. TFT

Generalization of ULSIC and TFT Technologies


Y. Kuo, “TFT and ULSIC – Competition or Collaboration,” Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 47(3), 1845 (2007).


-       Top 10 most downloaded paper in JJAP 05/2008

-       AIP/APS Virt. J. Nanoscale Science and Technology, 17(21), 2008


2020 ECST TFT 15 – 30th Year Anniversary   

2018 ECST TFT 14     

2016 ECST TFT 13   

2014 ECST TFT 12

2012 ECST TFT 11   

2010 ECST TFT 10 – 20th Year Anniversary

2008 ECST TFT 9

2006 ECST TFT 8 

2004 ECST TFT 7

2002 ECST TFT 6

2000 ECST TFT 5 – 10th Year Anniversary 

1998 ECST TFT 4

1996 ECST TFT 3

1994 ECST TFT 2

1992 ECST TFT 1





ECS Transactions Most-Cited Articles as of December 1, 2012 



Rankings based on citations to online articles from HighWire-hosted articles.


#1.  High-k Materials and Processing III:

Yue Kuo, Jiang Lu, Jiong Yan, Tao Yuan, Hyun Chul Kim, Jeff Peterson, Mark Gardner, S. Chatterjee, and W. Luo

Sub 2 nm Thick Zirconium Doped Hafnium Oxide High-K Gate Dielectrics ECS Trans. 2006 1(5): 447-454;



#4.  Novel Processes for Advanced Memory Technologies:

Chen-Han Lin and Yue Kuo

Embedding of Nanocrystalline Ruthenium in ZrHfO High-k Film for Nonvolatile Memories ECS Trans. 2008 13(1): 465-470; doi:10.1149/1.2911531  


#29. Reliability Issues:

 Yue Kuo

Mixed Oxide High-k Gate Dielectrics - Interface Layer Structure, Breakdown Mechanism, and Memories ECS Trans. 2006 3(3): 253-263; doi:10.1149/1.2355717



IIE Transactions Volume 44, Issue 7, 2012 Special Issue: Quality and Design Issues in Nanomanufacturing Systems

… a key article chosen by the Guest Editor Dr. Satish T.S. Bukkapatnam 




Non-Parametric Bayesian Modeling of Hazard Rate with a Change Point for Nanoelectronic Devices, Chia-Han Yang, Tao Yuan, Way Kuo, and Yue Kuo, Vol. 44, Issue 7, 496-506 (2012).  



IEEE Spectrum 12/23/2014





Papers selected as Research Highlights.




98 – present

Nesbitt Professor (20-present), Dow Professor (98-20)
Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering 
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 

15 – 19

President (18-19), Electrochemical Society


Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University

17 – 23

Honorary Chair Professor, National Chiao Tung University


Visiting Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Waseda University

87 – 98

Research Staff Member
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY

84 – 87

Principal Process Engineer and Section Manager   
Semiconductor Division, Data General Corp., Sunnyvale, CA

82 – 84

Visiting Research Engineer
University of California, Berkeley, CA

80 – 82

Pilot Lab Manager
Mobay (Bayer), R&D Dept., Charleston, SC

Research Areas:

My research is concentrated on nano and microelectronics with special interests in semiconductors and thin films. I am setting up the Thin Film Nano & Microelectronics Research Laboratory in which the activities include new materials, novel processes, and advanced devices. The ultimate goal is to create high-performance, highly reliable, manufacturable devices for current and future applications. Both fundamental and applied research topics are carried out in this laboratory. Plasma technology plays a critical role in this research. I also consult for industry and governments on these topics.



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